Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watercolor Artist Brigitte Bowyer Carey of Abaco, the Bahamas

I would like to introduce Brigitte Bowyer Carey of Abaco, the Bahamas, an accomplished artist and a good friend of ours. Her beautiful watercolor art of the Bahamas is now available on the internet at Island Watercolors. She paints a variety of Bahamian subjects including marine scenes, landscape, seascapes and Bahamian T’ings. My personal favorites are the island houses and lighthouses, especially those depicting the colorful settlement of Hope Town and its candy striped lighthouse dating to the 1800’s. When you are in Abaco, be sure to visit the Abaco Inn or the Hope Town Harbour Lodge to see her work. 

From Germany, Brigitte was educated as a graphic designer, although her first love has always been painting. When she discovered watercolors, she knew she had found her passion. Her style of painting is referred to as “wet on wet,” meaning the paper is wet and one drop of paint blooms and creates wonderful images all over. Her unusual landscapes and seascapes are on display the world over and her collectors include novelist Pat Conroy and Mr. and Mrs. Sean Connery. She has a studio in her home on Tilloo and her paintings and prints are in galleries throughout the United States as well as the Bahamas. She also does special commissions for clients.

We met Brigitte and her husband Donnie many years ago. Donnie, a Bahamian, knows more about native plants than anyone I’ve ever met and their gardens are spectacular at their cottage, Hunkaloo. We first met them when they were building their cottage, near our home Lazy Days on Lubbers Quarters. We became fast friends and have shared many good times together, including some that will be in my upcoming travel adventure memoir, Living on Island Time, Retirement in Abaco Spiced with Food, Friends & Rum.  


Lynn ... said...

Okay ... I'm floored by her work. Watercolors are such a soothing, yet exciting medium to paint with, and I really admire someone who can do both in the same painting! Her work is incredible!!! I'm so glad you posted this .... I may have a new favorite artist to add to my ever-growing list!!! Thank you!!!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Lynn, Brigitte is an incredible artist and trained by some of the finest artists. She also paints on driftwood that she finds on the beach behind her house. We have a couple of her driftwood pieces and love them. I've tried painting on driftwood, but although it looks easy, it is very hard. The paint keeps slipping in the cracks of the wood. Glad you liked her paintings and I'll be sure to pass on your compliments.