Friday, October 30, 2009

It’s my (blog) birthday party and I’ll go where I want to - to Wally's

It’s my party and I’ll go where I want to, go where I want to, go where I want to. You would go too when it happens to you.

Both of my blogs, My Carolina Kitchen and Island Time in Abaco, are celebrating their first birthday. I’ve decided to celebrate by taking you on a virtual trip down memory lane to a birthday party at one of my all time favorite places in the world - Wally’s Restaurant in Marsh Harbour, Abaco. Located in a pink and white Nassau-style Colonial villa overlooking the harbour, its grounds are dotted with pink hibiscus and bright rosy pink bougainvillea. It’s a balmy 75 degrees there today and I’ve got friends waiting, so grab your passports, throw your sunglasses and flip-flops in straw bag, and hop on board. You take the window seat so you can so enjoy the view. Isn’t that a gorgeous private beach?

We’ll land at the Marsh Harbour International Airport in the northern Bahamas where we’ll take a taxi to Wally’s.

Hi ladies, it’s great to see you. How have you been? We’re meeting friends, so we’ll just go on in.

Hi Pattie, Penny, Barometer Bob. Hope we haven’t kept you waiting too long. I’ve brought along a few friends.

Every time we come to Wally’s the first thing my husband does is to give Wally's daughter Maureen, the owner, a great big hug. Hi Mo. Maureen attended the Cordon Bleu and returns to Paris each fall for a visit.

Hi Angie, our usual, please.

Here’s why we came – to share a bite of Wally’s special birthday brownie. One of their specialties, it’s a huge, sinfully rich brownie, smothered with vanilla ice cream, and covered in a dark chocolate sauce, rich whipped cream, and topped with a birthday candle. It comes with extra spoons, so dig in.

Before we leave let’s slip in the boutique and say hello to Angie’s daughter. Maybe I’ll pick up a cute swimsuit and one of those colorful pareos to match. Look around, I’m sure you’ll see something you can’t live without.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our trip to Marsh Harbour. I’ve met so many fabulous people this year blogging that I now call friends. Thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

For better viewing, click photos to enlarge.

These pictures were taken several years ago and reflect how the author remembers Wally’s and her friends.


Horlic said...

Wonderful island. Happy birthday to your blog.

Lillian Farring said...

Hi Sam and Meakin,

I enjoyed this so much and your pics are wonderful. Loved Wally's and all the people you met while you were there for that marvelous birthday party.