Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lubbers Quarters, our home in Abaco

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sam Hoffer.

My husband Meakin and I followed a dream and retired to the out islands of the northern Bahamas and lived there year-around for ten years on a tiny private cay (cays are smaller than islands) in the Abacos called Lubbers Quarters. Our home was Lazy Days and we also had a vacation rental Sandy Bottoms. See picture.
I wrote a food column for The Abaconian newspaper, "From the Kitchen of Lazy Days," while we lived there. It was a very special time in our lives and one we won't forget.

I am in the process of writing a lively memoir, Living on Island Time, Retirement in Abaco Spiced with Food, Friends and Rum. The book is a travel adventure filled with zany characters, funny stories, jokes, and all of the wonderful friends we made. It includes building a home, boating and fishing tales, gardening, entertaining, food and recipes, as well as all of the trouble we managed to get into. Life isn’t always perfect in paradise.

I look forward to your comments and input. Welcome to Island Time in Abaco.


Glenda C. Beall said...

Sam, what a beautiful blog. Love that photo! Makes me want to head for the beach.
You are one fast learner! I'll be reading your blog often.

Sam Hoffer said...

Welcome Glenda. Glad you like the photo of the beach. Meakin took that when we were in Hope Town having lunch at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge, one of our favorite places to have a cheeseburger in paradise.

Hope Town is a tiny settlement located on one of the barrier cays in Abaco. It has a beautiful candy-stripped light house to warn boats in the ocean not hit the reef just offshore of this lovely beach.

With Jack Frost nipping at our toes lately here in the mountains, I am ready to head to the beach too.

Welcome aboard my island blog.

Nancy Simpson said...

Sam, This is a lovely blog site. I like the opening photo.

Nancy Simpson

What do you plan to do on this site?

Sam Hoffer said...

Welcome Nancy. I'm glad you like the beach picture. This site will be the blog for my travel memoir "Living on Island Time, Retirement in Abaco Spiced with Food, Friends & Rum" which I'm currently in the process of writing.

In the meantime I'll be using it to share pictures and memories of Abaco.


Nancy Simpson said...

Sam I suspect I have an inside track on the
"all is not perfect in paradise", especially
after hearing you read the last segment you
brought to the critique group. Well, it was a cliff
hanger, so I'm waiting to hear more from
life on Abaco.

Rita said...

So glad you visited my blog. I love connecting with new people, new sites to follow.

Life on a beautiful beach would be my dream. You must have pinched yourself several times to see if it was all real. Can't wait to have time to read every word and study every picture you've shared.

Mailin Sands said...

Hi Sam,
Just found your blog...I am an Abaocian and live on Man-O-War Cay. Would love to have one of those Chicken Cookbooks 1993, especially your Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken you talk about in your blog. If you have extra and could bring one over the next time you visit I would love to buy one from you.

Glad you enjoy our paradise and I enjoyed your blog.


Karen said...

When will your book be complete? I would love to buy a copy, what a fantastic journey!...